Wedding Talk | How to Have The Best Engagement Shoot Ever

Our engagement pictures are in!! I figured that it was about time that I share some of my favorites (other than the ones leaked on instagram). There were just so many and they were all SO GOOD that it took me forever to decide which ones to share!img_6805img_6795

Planning our engagement pictures was by far the most stressful and anxiety-filled task so far. To me, our engagement photos are going to be some of the most important pictures we will take, other than on our actual wedding day. These pictures truly capture our relationship and helped to set the tone for our big day.img_6798img_6803img_6835

INSPIRATION: I looked for my inspiration on Pinterest and wedding photographers’ instagram pages. I knew I wanted to shoot our pictures at an urban/downtown location to tie into the vibe of our wedding so we met our photographer at a local coffee shop right outside of downtown Tampa and just walked around the area and shot in different alleyways. I am so in love with how our outfits and location tied together in these pictures!

FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER: We searched through Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Instagram for months before we came across Josh and Rachel’s instagram page. I was extremely picky with what I was looking for not only in the style of editing, but also the personality of our photographer. That may sound crazy and high maintenance, but, think about it, this person is going to be spending most of your wedding day with you, so you want to be comfortable around them. We had gone through about 3 interviews with local photographers by the time we talked to Josh and after our phone call I was sold! I was once told “finding a photographer is like dating, you must have chemistry.”

OUTFITS: This is the most stressful part of engagement pictures. What you wear in these pictures is often times the second most important outfit you will need throughout your wedding festivities. So, where do you begin?
*Choose outfits ahead of time: Try to have your outfits picked out in advanced. The last thing you want to be doing is stressing about what to wear for these pictures last minute. The outfits you decide on will also help with deciding on a location for the pictures.
*Pick a WOW outfit: So one of your outfits should be a more casual and relaxed outfit and one should be a WOW outfit. My wow outfit was the one in the black asymetrical dress. There was so much texture and drama in that dress and when I first tried it on i could just see the flare it would add to our pictures.
*Coordinate with your fiancé : You both want to have coordinating colors and on the same level of formality. If you are wearing a gown your fiance shouldn’t be wearing jeans and a tee. Honestly, you will probably be picking out your fiancé’s outfit anyway.

TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER: But really, there is a reason you hired them. I was sooooo nervous that these pictures were going to come out so awkward and that we weren’t going to know what to do but Josh was so directive and walked us through every shot. So you may feel super silly doing some of the things that your photographer has you do, but trust them, they do this for a living! For one of our pictures Josh told Jimmy to whisper his favorite dessert as sexual as he could in my ear which was so weird in the moment, but the picture it gave life to is actually one of my favorite ones and it is so fun to tell the story behind it.

HAVE FUN: Although wedding planning is stressful, do your best to put that aside, relax, and have fun with your photoshoot. These will probably be the last pictures of you and your fiancé as an engaged couple before becoming spouses. So remember, these pictures are about you, not family members or social media, enjoy this time together and focus on each other.

We’re now under 200 days until our big day and at this point the days are just flying by! It has been so fun sharing everything that I have learned over this journey with you all. Let me know any other wedding related topics that you would like to see in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!
xx, Michelle

Pictures by Josh Best from Best Photography

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